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Business and Succession Planning

Many closely held businesses do not make formal plans to transition the business in the event of critical situations:

  • Death of business owner
  • Lifetime transfer or sale of the business
  • Retirement or loss of the key personnel

Business Succession involves the planning and implementation of strategies in order to have a smooth transition to new management; also it could help avoid the collapse of the business due to lack of planning.

Retirement plans (Keogh plans, 401k, IRA’s): Our open and impartial relationship with multiple providers allows us to choose the products that better suits the client’s needs. When it comes to 401k retirement plans, PWMG ensures that the client gets a comprehensive investment selection within a cost effective platform. PWMG also helps the client to comply with their fiduciary responsibility.

Also PWMG offers individual retirement accounts and tailored retirement plans aimed to self-employed professionals

Please contact us if you have a question about Business and Succession Planning 

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