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BAM is a community of more than 135 independent wealth management firms located throughout the United States — united in belief and in practice that there is a better, more effective, and more resilient way for investors and their families to safeguard their financial futures and realize their dreams. BAM believes in delivering holistic, transparent, evidence-based advice and that every investor is unique — requiring custom, comprehensive wealth management solutions.

What started in 1997 has grown significantly over the years as investors have sought refuge from the turbulence of the financial markets and the traditional practices of many Wall Street firms. Attracted to BAM’s independent advice, evidence-based approach to low-cost investing and ability to deliver on the promise of true wealth management, more than 25,000 investors have become clients of independent BAM ALLIANCE wealth management firms across the country, representing more than $32 billion of collective assets under management or administration as of September 31, 2018.  

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