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Estate Settlement Services

The responsibilities of an executor or personal representative can be complex, time consuming and burdensome. Many important decisions must be made during a very emotionally difficult time for surviving family members. However, failure to immediately focus on a large estate can have serious financial consequences. For these reasons, many families often turn to a professional for estate administration services. PWMG is able to serve as a facilitator in the planning and implementation process of a client’s estate in order to coordinate the smooth and timely transfer of assets to beneficiaries. Our staff is experienced in the decisions that must be made to maximize tax deductions and discounts, to minimize cost, and to protect assets. As an independent and objective party, we are able to act in the best interest of all beneficiaries. PWMG is known for its unbiased, conflict-free advice to clients and also recognize the need to work alongside the client’s legal and tax advisors.

Some of the estate settlement issues that the firm asses include the following:

  • Identification and valuation of assets, including rare or unique assets
  • Disposition or transfer of business interests, or intellectual properties
  • Post mortem tax planning and tax minimization strategies
  • Review and filing of estate tax return
  • Acting as family liaison between probate courts, lawyers, accountants and other advisors
  • Distribution of estate pursuant to the client’s Last Will and Testament

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