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All PWMG portfolios are customized for each investor and investment entity. We employ an “open architecture” platform, where investments vehicles and managers are selected on “best of breed” basis and where our criteria is based on performance as well as suitability within the overall portfolio. We believe in diversification and long-term investment planning. We use disciplined investment strategies, sophisticated optimization and allocation models in an attempt to create portfolios that consistently deliver the highest possible after-tax, after-fee returns for a given level of risk. When and where appropriate, we use alternative investment strategies in an attempt to improve the risk and return characteristics of our portfolios. Most of our clients are income oriented and when appropriate we actively develop tax advantaged strategies to enhance absolute return.

Performance Reporting

PWMG recognizes the need for clients to have one master source of information with respect to their investment performance. To ensure you have timely access to accurate and relevant information, we prepare a detailed, comprehensive report of your entire portfolio performance every quarter. In a clear, easy to understand format, you will find portfolio returns, tax reporting, gains and losses and manager and index comparisons and a consolidated summary of all your investments.

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